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Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap International
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The Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap-International (IPSR-I) is a collaborative program organized by PhotonDelta and the MIT Microphotonics Center (MIT-MphC).

The objective of IPSR-I is to establish and sustain a trust based global network of industrial and R&D partners, who work together to defining and create future Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology and systems requirements. Together, they enable faster technology and application developments in this emerging business, guided by up-to-date technology and an application roadmap for future developments.


This roadmap…

  • Defines broad future system needs

  • Defines gaps and roadblocks affecting integrated photonic system manufacturing

  • Will be used to guide manufacturing research and address systems requirements that fully exploits the power of photonics


Background IPSR-I 2020:

About 400 academic and industrial experts from across the globe, working in the field of integrated photonic technologies and their applications, have come together to create the IPSR-I roadmap. With such diverse contributors, the document gives an accurate assesment of the current status of photonic technologies and their related applications. Most importantly, it highlights trends, expectations and key needs the advancement of photonic technologies and applications in the near (0-5 years), intermediate (5-10 years) and far (10-20 years) future.

IPSR-I 2020 is a merger between previously independant roadmaps: IPSR (Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap) sponsored by the US-based Microphotonics Center and AIM Photonics and the WTMF (World Technology Mapping Forum) sponsored by the Europe-based Photon Delta. In addition to uniting both roadmaps, the IPSR-I 2020 document has obtained an extensive update based on 32 workshops and expert feedback from countless working group meetings. With this in-mind, the IPSR-I roadmap is a living document. The chapters need the continual enrichment and a call is always open for contributions by experts in all fields of photonic technology, whether they be industry, academia, or manufacturing.

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About PhotonDelta:

PhotonDelta is a public-private partnership, located in Europe consisting of a network of companies and high qualified knowledge institutes. PhotonDelta's ecosystem growth objectives are driven by a highly experienced team, working from the outside to strengthen the ecosystem from within. The team operates as accelerating agent for reducing time-to-market of new applications.

Strengthening the ecosystem from within...

To accelerate and reduce time-to-market, PhotonDelta strengthens the ecosystem from within, stimulating cooperation among companies and educational  institutions. We are in constant dialog with our partners, with a focus to help them overcome the ever-present technological and business challenges that emerging technologies face. PhotonDelta is responsible for creating a common business strategies, setting goals and stimulating co-operation between industry and academia. Our mission is to amplify and scale existing companies and kickstart new ones. This ambitious agenda can only be accomplished through the generosity of our partners. Between 2019 and 2026 we are poised to raise €236millon, but more than provide financial stability to roadmapping efforts, PhotonDelta provides our partners with access to research, knowledge and business development. Access to the National, European and International Networks are realised through a variety of partnerships.

To several manufacturer and service companies in the world, we act as an agent with a single interface to the ecosystem. We define joint roadmaps and projects with our customers, to meet their needs, leveraging our collective technology assets and capabilities in design, developing and manufacturing optoelectronics modules and subsystems powered by Photonics Integrated Circuits in order to accelerate and reduce time-to-market.

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