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INPHO-BOOTcamp: A Deep Dive Into Integrated Photonics and Blended Learning @MIT

Incredibly proud of our integrated photonics bootcamp (INPHO-BOOT) team - the visionaries, instructors, technical contributors, and organizers - for creating and executing a blended learning experience in integrated photonics through a bootcamp offered from March 22-24 at the Laboratory for Education and Application Prototypes, or LEAP, both @MIT.nano and @Bridgewater State University. Attendees performed hands-on experiments in integrated photonics packaging and testing, as they learned to operate the die bonder, reflow oven, and x-ray imager; program sensors to light up their packaged LEDs; gather and analyze data by performing edge and grating coupling of a fiber to the AIM Photonics Academy's education chip, created by RIT, UR, BU, and MIT; analyze photonic device data; and characterize an optical parametric oscillator (laser) as well as a fully fiber-attached photonic chip. In addition to the hands-on component, attendees learned from lectures on photonic devices, intuitively understood photonic device functionality by using VM-Lab's desktop virtual reality device simulations; and pre-trained in die bonder operation with a tool-simulation co-developed with Clemson University’s Center for Workforce Development (CUCWD). Thank you to Dr. Sebastian Skacel and his team from Vanguard Automation for their demo of "Photonic Wire Bonding" and to Dr. Nicholas Fahrenkopf of AIM Photonics for a guest lecture on "Foundries for photonics: current and future capabilities". Excited for the next bootcamp !! #mit#bsu#inphoboot

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