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FUTUR-IC Workforce


  1. Teach integrated photonics manufacturing practice

  2. Provide small medium enterprise (SME) / technician training and certification

  3. Allow start-up and SME engagement in tool/process/application upgrades

  4. Support the AIM MPW and TAP hubs.

Electronic-Photonic co-packaging offers a sustainable solution that can be applied in the near-term, but requires a workforce trained in Photonics and Green Literacy.  With the National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator Program, we have established a plan for upskilling incumbent workers in Photonics and Sustainability principles and optimize the three vectors of Technology, Ecology and Workforce simultaneously.

•Workforce education, and training programs and curricula

•Reshore microchip manufacturing and advanced packaging

•Build the new Learning Curve with skilled technicians and engineers

•Accelerate innovation with IP for dissemination of new solutions 

•Green Literacy leadership: SEMI green literacy for executives and incumbent workers.

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